Monday, October 30, 2006

What will November bring?

We live in interesting times to say the least.

Without taking political sides – there’s plenty of that on other blogs – we are a little concerned about what November will look like for you and us.

An article that came out today suggests that, between the predicted closeness of so many election races and the increase in paper ballots, it may be weeks before all the ballots are counted and the results certified. In very close races, there may very well be re-counts and lawsuits too.

The article's author’s concern is that it could be mid-December before many races are finally determined.

May we offer two pieces of advice?

First, be aware that the holidays are approaching at warp speed and anything you want to purchase as a gift should be near the top of your "things to do list".

Second, if you are delayed in getting your gifts purchased, be aware that our web sites,,, and will be open 24 hours a day right up until Christmas (afterwards too, to be fully informative). If you get your order in before December 15, we guarantee delivery no later than December 24. Native-JewelryLink has a free shipping offer for any purchase exceeding $100 to be sent USPS Priority to any place in the US. Insurance, if desired is extra, of course.

Free or discounted shipping may also be available at our other sites too. Be sure to ask when you order. Generally, we exclude items that require extensive packing or handling, or overseas shipping.

By the way, any item purchased as a gift may be returned by the gift recipient through December 31 for a full purchase price refund - assuming it is in original condition. Items returned after that MAY qualify for a store credit. Be sure the recipient contacts us first, before sending the item back so that we can look for it in the mail.

Keep a smile on your face for November. We will be looking for you