Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cliff Fragua art stolen in Phoenix

The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association, of which Aboriginals: Art of the First Person is a member, reports the theft in Phoenix of a trailer containing art and jewelry belonging to Cliff Fragua, Jemez. The report, including photos of some of the articles, may be accessed at

Fragua's work is highly regarded and it is estimated the jewelry alone is valued at $5,000. The ATADA reports such thefts in alerts designed to discourage sale of the items to dealers or collectors who might otherwise thing they were being offered by legitimate owners.

It is important to note that the purchase and retention of stolen articles is a crime.

The trailer was stolen from a Phoenix AZ hotel parking lot sometime during the night of March 3-4, 2010. Presumably, Fragua was attending th erenowned Indain Art Show at the Heard Museum.

If you see or are offered any of these items, please contact the Phoenix,AZ police department or Cliff Fragua, 505-252-8870

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