In some cases, the purchase is an opportunity to show off after a promotion or pay increase. For others, it salves the worn emotions from going through a divorce. (It's true.)

For women who have become intrigued by the cultural authenticity and traditional beauty of Native American jewelry, the opportunities to buy for themselves has never been better. Online jewelry galleries such as offer stunning arrays of genuine Zuni, Navajo and other native-designed and native-created pins, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, even rings and earrings. 

The operators of these galleries range from large and impersonal to small and intimate. Since the latter have minor overhead to cover, their prices can be less expensive than pieces sold in high-cost physical stores or headquarters. As long as they guarantee authenticity and will return your purchase price if you are dissatisfied when the purchase arrives in person, online purveyors are excellent sources of these beautiful works of jewelry art.  

To make sure you get the real thing, ask the online seller to verify that the object is authentic hand-made Native American work. Ask that your order be accompanied by a descriptive Certificate of Authenticity and confirm that you have the right to return it if, for any reason, it doesn't meet your expectations when it is delivered.  You'll find superb silver and gold work, splendid turquoise cabochons, brilliant coral pieces and a wide variety of other gemstones.

Why wait for a man? They are notoriously slow to act anyway.