Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why us?

We don't blame people for wondering why they should buy from us rather than from one of the other companies that offer Native American art, pottery, carvings and jewelry.

Perhaps this testimonial we received the other day sets the tone for an answer:

"Wonderful folk art.  Great website!  An endless array of gifts for my wife.  What a find.  Thanks again, - C.H.

Then there was this: 

Thank you, Susanne! It is a delight to buy something beautiful, and to have such personalized customer service. - B.D.

Beyond that, here are some other reasons:

We have been at this business since 1979. In thirty-five years, we have had two returns. 

We know almost all of the Native American artists whose work we carry. They are our personal friends.

We are not a big outfit. Just the two of us and we cherry-pick every item we buy.

Because we are so small, we are not required to collect sales tax on any sales from outside of Florida.

We sell authentic Native American-made items. Our membership in the Indian Arts & Crafts Association requires it. Many other merchants are not IACA members. 

We only buy what we like. We don't try to guess what you will like. If you appreciate our taste and integrity, you will be satisfied. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your purchase price. Period.

We operate from our home so we don't have much overhead to cover when it comes to pricing. We buy at a fair wholesale price, determined by the seller.

We pay cash on the spot so that the seller has the money to buy more supplies or meet personal expenses.

We do NOT deal in consignment where the artist must wait to receive his or her money.

We pay extra to provide a secure order form and a toll-free phone number.

We profoundly want and need your business, but only if you are happy with our products and guarantee.
If you have any questions, ask us
when you call 1-800-305-0135.