Friday, March 13, 2015

Easter Will Soon Be Here. How will you celebrate?

Soon, Easter will be here.

The Resurrection of the Christ is celebrated with colored eggs, plastic chicks, chocolate bunnies and more trivia. Something seems to be missing. 

From my perspective, what's missing  is the underlying reason for Easter: 

Recognition of the gift God gave us in the living presence of Jesus.

Here's a more appropriate way to celebrate that blessing:

We are offering all of our Native American Nativities (Nacimientos) 
at 30% off between now and Easter. 

(Yes, Nativities celebrate the arrival of Jesus, not the Resurrection. Without the birth of Christ, however, would there have been a Resurrection? Surely, the life and blessing of Christ is a seamless continuum.)

So, while your mind is on it, why not order a superb Native American pottery Nativity set at 30% less than its regular low price? 

Rather than repeat and reprice everything on the website, we have given you a handful of examples. Visit Native-PotteryLink  and, if you find a Nativity Set not listed here, simply deduct 30% from its listed price and that is what you will pay.

Even better news. You even can order now with our no-fee lay-away plan and pay off the balance in monthly installments so your worshipful pottery Nativity set is delivered in time to be included in your Christmas Decorations.

If you would like more information about Nativities/Nacimientos, this link will take you to an article on the subject in Native People Magazine. The article features Nativity Sets created by Native American artists whose work is not currently in our inventory. The author even includes contact information in the form of galleries other than and some telephone numbers. Please be forewarned that telephone numbers often change and galleries come and go. Nevertheless, we are such avid supporters of Native American artists and especially their Nativity sets that, if our collection doesn't meet your needs, we suggest you buy from some other source rather than go without.

One other thought. The article doesn't mention it, but we were the first people to recommend to Wilson Romero that he consider creating Nativity sets among his carvings. So, if you contact us, we may be able to reach out to any Pueblo or Native American potter or carver with a request for something specific. Mention it to us when you call (1-800-305-0185) and we'll be happy to talk you through details.

Happy Easter and Merry Christmas.