Sunday, October 08, 2006

Surfing for the good stuff

If you are like me, you are prone to distraction while on the web. I chalk it up to the peril of an active mind. (grin)

Anyway, I start down one digital path looking for something specific and a run across something related that I can’t pass by without a click.

“Whoops! There he goes”, says Susanne.

Suddenly I’m looking at stuff I didn’t intend to search for but that is absolutely captivating.

Two recent web sites that I came across may be of interest to you so I will share the links here. One is the Douglas Society at the Denver Museum. It’s powerhouse of tribal art information. The address is

A second site is the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. You don’t have to go to the City by the Golden Gate to share one of the most impressive sites – both graphically and for content – that I have ever come across. The address is Click through to research/library/elkus for a fascinating sortie into the papers of this major collector of Southwest Indian art.

Incidentally, both sites have spectacular online newsletters.

When you find sites like these, you might want to put them in your “favorites” folder for future reference. We’ve found that there is so much to see and consider on the web that it is easy to get lost and not know where you saw something or someplace you want to return. Your “favorites” folder is a good place to “file” these sites so you can find them easily.

We assume you already put our sites in that folder. (grin)


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