Saturday, September 27, 2014

Have you noticed...

Have you noticed the commercials and postings about Christmas sales? In September, no less? Almost 3 months before the holiday season?

By early next week, we will be in the home stretch for holiday sales and gift giving suggestions. So, while it is early, we beg your indulgence for a simple reason.

Many people wait until the last minute to acquire decorations for their holiday celebration. Unfortunately, they can find that suddenly it is too late to buy them because they will not arrive in time to be included in the decor scheme. We understand the temptation. History suggests that the closer we get to Christmas, the lower the price will go.

No matter how much we love an object, we all love a bargain. We will even risk missing the opportunity to get something unique - because it is already sold - waiting for "a discount."

Here is our offer at 

We have added a number of new Native American pottery Nativity sets, all splendid celebrations of the birth of Christ, and posted them to our web pages. Each is one-of-a-kind, hand selected from the artists by us for their sensitivity and artistry. Each has been priced at a standard mark-up to cover our costs for travel and online posting. 

For a limited time, now through October 25th, we will discount the listed prices by 25% in order to have the advance notice to ship to you in time for your Christmas decor.

Check them out at

Order the one you want by using our secure, encrypted order form or by calling our toll-free line at 1-800-305-0185. Simply add the term "Joy to the World" to your order form or when you call us. We will subtract 25% from the listed price.

After the offer period ends, the price willbe locked in as listed. So act now and save. 

PS: We also have several new Santa Claus-themed Native American storyteller figures. We give the same terms for those.

PPS: You can even use our free layaway plan to order at the reduced price and take delivery in the next months. You pay 20% when ordering and agree to provide at least one payment each month thereafter, in the amount and at the timing you choose.until the full, discounted amount has been paid.

Merry Christmas!