Saturday, July 09, 2016

Zuni Fetishes and Festivals ~ You are invited

Zuni is one of our favorite Indian pueblos. The setting is serene and the people cheerfully share their culture with respectful visitors.

A recently inaugurated event at Zuni has been the Main Street Festival. Here an example of the dancing that took place at the 2016 event. 
This is an excellent reason to visit the pueblo. Fortunately, while off the beaten path, it is not difficult to find and get to.

Another reason is to acquire Zuni fetish carvings. There are a handful of commercial fetish dealers within in the fetish grounds. But, in the age of the internet you don't have to visit the pueblo, pleasant and enticing as it is, to start or add to your Zuni fetish collection. 

One of the most experienced and reliable dealers in Zuni fetishes is online at The site includes hundreds of Zuni and other Native fetishes, including bears, eagles, mountain lions, badgers and more, carved by the likes of Lena Boone, Dee Edaakie, the Quams, the Quandelacys, Bryan Yatsattie, Melvin Sandoval, Salvador Romero (Cochiti) and more.

Recognizing that judging a fetish by a photograph alone can be problematic, ZuniLink provides a satisfaction guarantee so you can return any purchase you are unhappy with when you receive it and have your purchase price refunded.

Plan to visit Zuni Pueblo and ZuniLink. As they say at Zuni, "Elahkwa".

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