Saturday, July 09, 2016

Zuni Festivals and Fetishes - You're invited

Zuni is one of our favorite pueblos. The setting is serene and the people cheerfully share their culture with respectful visitors.

In recent years, Zuni Pueblo has hosted an event called Zuni Main Street Fest.

It is a splendid reason to visit the pueblo. While out-of-the-way, Zuni Pueblo is not hard to find and is easy to enter.

In addition to attractions like the dances, a major attraction is the number of shops and stores that show and sell Zuni fetish carvings. There must be thousands of people collect these carvings that represent some of Zuni finest art.

Of course, if you can't make the trip to Zuni for some reason, you can shop for authentic Zuni fetishes online. One of the most experienced and reliable dealers in Zuni fetishes is The site has hundreds of Zuni fetish carvings and video interviews with the an assortment of carvers such as Brian Yatsattie, Dee Edaakie, Robert Michael Weahkie, Burt Awelagte and more.

Visit ZuniLink to learn more about Zuni fetishes and their carvers. As they say in Zuni, "Elahkwa"

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