Monday, March 30, 2009

Tribal Art - Zemanek-Munster Tribal Arts Auction struggles

According to Web sources, the most recent Zemanek-Munster tribal art auction, held twice a year, attracted a disappointing response.

As a result, the auctioneer has initiated an aftersale to move unsold lots.

For example, this is lot 138, a heddle pulley

Heddle pulley, Baule, Elfenbeinküste

Baule - shaped corpus with incised ornaments, front and backside carved with a buffalo head, bobbin missing, min. dam., slight signs of abrasion, on wooden plate

Price: 750 €

Or this example, lot 111, a stool

Stool, Gurunsi, Burkina Faso

Gurunsi, Burkina Faso - light brown wood, spotty patina, of simple form, four strong legs supporting a nearly rectangular, slightly hollowed seat, min. dam., signs of usage and abrasion

Price: 300 €

Or this, lot 92, ape mask "ngon"

Ape mask "ngon", Bamana, Mali

Bamana, Mali - wood, shiny blackish brown patina, of oval form, a slightly protruding forehead, open worked eyes in round cavities, flanking a triangular, slightly raised nose with drilled nostrils, a broad opened mouth underneath, framed by ears with drilled holes, pierced around the rim, min. dam., slight signs of abrasion, fissures; worn by the initiates of the "koré" society. They used animal masks, thus illustrating the relationship of humans with their own animalistic features.

Price: 2500 €

You can view these and some 258 other lots at Zemanek-Munster's web site. Or see similar items of African and Oceanic tribal art at TribalWorks .

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