Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Save 40% off Native American earrings

We have just added some new Native American (Zuni, Navajo and Santo Domingo) earrings to our site at http://www.Native-JewelryLink.com and noticed in the process that we have many more pairs than we need.

So we are staging a special 40% off sale for Native American earrings on our site through Sunday night, July 22, 2007. This sale is being announced only to readers of this blog and our e-newsletter, Tribal Artery.

This once-in-who-knows-how-long sale offers the very same, high-quality, beautiful, authentic ear rings that we offer year around, at just 60% of their regular price.

When ordering - use our secure order form at Native-JewelryLink - please mention the 40% discount. It will be deducted from the listed price.