Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Navajo Folk Art at Tribalwoks

William & Susanne Waites have just added new folk art carvings by Navajo artist Matthew Yellowman to the web site at TribalWorks.

Here are some thumbnails:A raven in full stride with orange sneakers on its feet,
mounted on a finished wood base.

This roadrunner on the run displays the widely respected detail of Matt Yellowman's
work. In orange sneakers attached to a finished base.

This brown-sneakered quail is exquisite in the detail of its colorful painting.

Cowboy roosters are a favorite subject for Matthew Yellowman.
This one has a black hat and cowboy boots of brown and gray.

This rooster is outfitted in a brown 10-gallon hat and boots of black and gray.

Matthew Yellowman has extraordinary talent and a keen sense of humor, as evidenced here. These are but the latest of the folk art carvings in the TribalWorks Navajo Gallery. You are encouraged to review them and others in greater detail.