Thursday, October 23, 2008

Discover the Inuit Art Society

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"Living is learning"

I don't know who said this, so I will take credit for it.

Today's lesson was the existence of an organization devoted to the study, appreciation and exchange of information about Inuit art. It's web site ( says it was founded in 2003 and centers its activities in the geographic area of most of its members, the upper mid-western USA. There are said to be about 100 current members.

The news is the Inuit Art Society is holding its annual meeting in Indianapolis, IN from November 14th through the 16th. The meeting is being held at the Eiteljorg Museum in conjunction with the opening of a show of Inuit art at the Peabody Museum, entitled "Our Land".

We are told that the keynote speaker will be Lorne Balshine, president of the Arctic Art Museum Society of British Columbia. He will discuss the evolution of Inuit art, including observations from 30 years of watching Inuit art auctions at Waddington's.

An inukshuk will be built on the museum grounds by Peter Imiq, who also will demonstrate drum dancing. Kendra Tagoona and Charlotte Qamaniq will demonstrate throat-singing.

Membership in the Inuit Art Society is offered to all who share the organization's mission and interests and agree to abide by its rules of conduct. Details about membership, including a downloadable application, and about registering for the Annual Meeting are available at the IAS web site.

Perhaps someone in the area who attends the meeting can post a report of the proceedings to Tribal Artery. Simply click the comments button.

(A tip of the tip hat to Uncle Gene at IndianInuitArt Group at Yahoo Groups and to his source, Bill Phillips, for letting us know about this.)

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