Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival - THIS WEEKEND

Just the other day we blogged about the Zuni Arts & Culture Festival at the Museum of Northern Arizona this weekend.

Now we want anyone who is closer to Santa Fe than to Flagstaff to know about the Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture on Museum Hill.

This show is a treasure in itself, displaying work by some of Native America's most popular and respected Indian artisans. The list of those scheduled to appear boggles the expectations.

A short list of those we know and represent includes:

Caroline Carpio, Isleta potter and bronzecaster
Randall Chitto, Choctaw potter and bronzecaster
Preston & Deborah Duwyenie, Hopi and Santa Clara potters
Michael Kanteena, Laguna potter
Pam Lujan-Hauer, Taos potter
Samuel Manymules, Navajo Dine potter)
Pahponee, Kickapoo/Potawatami potter
Wayne Snowbird, Santa Clara potter
Tommy Jackson, Navajo Dine jewelrymaker
Marvin Slim, Navajo Dine jewelrymaker
Jayne Quam, Navajo Dine carver
Kateri Sanchez Quandelacy, Zuni carver
Talia Quandelacy, Laguna/Zuni carver
Ira Lujan, Taos glassblower

There are many others. Links indicated with the individual names will take you to examples of the artists' works on our web sites.

This show will benefit Santa Fe's Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. Hours are Friday night at 6 pm with a special pre-sale gala. Saturday from 9 am for those with Early Bird tickets, from 10 am to 4 pm for general admission. Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm with free admission.

For more information, visit the Native Treasures web site by clicking here.

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