Saturday, April 12, 2008

More thoughts on internet security

We reported previously on some security tips from Trend Micro, the anti-virus people.

Here are more:

If you are required from time to time to use an internet connection in a cafĂ©, hotel, library or business center, you don’t know what security measures they may have taken. You don’t want to leave your files open to leaks or corruption.

Use a thumb drive,
also known as a flash drive. You can download anything you want to save to the external drive and you won’t have to delete files from the temporary internet computer.

Don’t allow the public computer to remember your passwords.
Not a brain-twister. But it is surprising how many times computers in public places default to asking if you want a password remembered on the computer. Don’t check yes or you will leave your password behind for the next user.

Be sure to clear all the files you have been using
– including caches, history, passwords and temp files - before you log off.

Do NOT bank online from a public computer
. There may be times when you have to but I can’t think of any in which you couldn’t wait until you had access to a private computer. It’s just too risky. Better to use the phone or an ATM.

If you are interested in Trend Micro Security software, visit their web site to learn more.

Be safe. Be happy.


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