Saturday, October 06, 2007

Delbert ChargingCrow carvings are ready for you

Whilst in New Mexico in August, we uncovered a cache of beautiful Delbert ChargingCrow carvings in the fetish tradition. We have just completed posting them Delbert's pages at ZuniLink. Some of our favorites are a slim, supple and subtle lizard carving in pale pipestone.
Then there is this double eagle in pipestone.
For a change of pace, Delbert carved a mule (or donkey) from one of his favorite materials, slate.
How about this horse in pink and white marble?

Delbert is a Lakota Sioux and very spiritual person. We are thrilled to have more of his carvings to share with our loyal customers.

But his pieces tend to move out fast. So hesitate at your own risk.