Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where should you buy Alaskan Inuit art?

There are many, many pieces of beautiful Inuit and Alaskan Eskimo art available through dozens of Native American art resources in North America. You ought to be able to find something you love and just buy it.

In fact, we have several such items available in our Arctic Room at

Unfortunately, there are complications.

By law, items made from marine mammal parts may not be shipped across the US/Canadian border without a special permit. This includes whale bone, walrus ivory and baleen. Getting a permit can be a long and difficult task. For many buyers, it is too much work to go through.

If you are Canadian resident, you can order and buy from any of several reputable Canadian dealers and have your purchase shipped to you without complication.

Similarly, if you are a US resident, you can purchase any item from our Arctic Room and have it shipped to your US residence in the course of normal business.

If you are Canadian and would like a list of Canadian sources that we feel you can rely on, contact us at We will tell you what we know.