Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Postal rates coming

Word reaches us about new postal rates that will affect shipping charges in May.

According to Auctiva, the primary impact will be on eBay purchases.

But it also will affect shipping charges for purchases from all online merchants.

If your merchant includes shipping in the base cost of the item, you won't notice any change. (Except maybe an increase in item prices. Someone has to pay the USPS.)

If shipping is a separate charge, you will see some increase in that cost.

Two things to do:

One, if you are planning a purchase in May, consider making it now so that you can take advantage of current postage rates. (You also could cash in on our 30% off April Foolishness sale)

Two, be sure to settle with your merchant beforehand exactly what the shipping charges will be, or work out an arrangement that doesn't surprise you if you wait to purchase later.

Incidentally, again according to Auctiva, new names will be given to international services. Global Express Mail will become Express Mail International. Airmail parcel Post, Economy Parcel Post, Global Priority Mail will all fall under Priority Mail International. Airmail Letter Post and Economy letter Post will be called First Class Mail International.

When ordering from any of our websites, Native-JewelryLink, Native-PotteryLink, ZuniLink or TribalWorks, please ask to be informed about the shipping cost for your item. Thank you.