Thursday, July 20, 2006

Calvin Begay Sale

Speaking of favorite people and their work, Calvin Begay is near the top for us. Calvin is Navajo and has a style and touch that is unmistakable with fine and precise inlay and channel work in jewelry pieces. Starting as jewelry maker, he has evolved into a designer as well, supervising the manifestation of his ideas at A Touch of Santa Fe. Calvin’s work may be signed by him personally, by one of the members of his atelier or simply stamped with ATF. But they are all Calvin Begay pieces.

For a limited time, one week only, our web site at is offering a private sale discount 25% off of every item of Calvin Begay jewelry to anyone reading this blog post. To take advantage of this private sale, which ends August 1, 2006, you must visit the site and order the item(s) you want to purchase. When you order via email message, be sure to use the term "CB25%off" to identify your authorization for our limited time 25% discount off Calvin Begay jewelry. Thank you.
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