Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gold passes $850 per ounce. Can Silver be far behind?

The latest news on the metals market is that gold continues to climb in value. A while back we blogged that it was $700 per ounce and had all the signs of rising further. I guess we were right. Now, will it continue to rise? Would this be as good a time to buy gold jewelry as it was a few weeks back?

No guarantees. But we do see less and less gold being used in Native American Indian jewelry. Artists who must risk that their work will not sell - or at least not in a reasonable amount of
time - are not willing to invest in metal that is expensive. Those who are working in gold appear to have stock piled some at lower prices.

We are in similar circumstances. We have a number older gold jewelry items - not a lot, but some - which have never had a price increase since we acquired them several years ago.

Andy Lee Kirk (deceased) gold pendant with inlay of coral and opal $875

Andy Lee Kirk (deceased) gold pendant with inlay $2,400

14k gold whale fluke necklace pendant with opal inlay by Yellowleaf $395

Navajo turquoise and gold necklace and earring set $375

Artie Yellowhorse necklace with gold overlay $690

14k Gold Bear on 14k chain by Yellowleaf $220

One of these days we may have to raise their prices to reflect the higher cost of replacement. For now, however, they still are available at those lower prices.

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Aridog said...

I am surprised to see no comments here yet. Gold as a metal used in Native American art is scarce, and where used, maybe a bit over priced. Forget trying to deal with the artists....I have had no luck per se....ditto for "local" jewelers who spurn anything not diamond. Just my opinion, but where gold is available, few artisans are Charles Loloma or even the museum pricing is a turn off....with very few exceptions.

To have two rings made in gold, with a gem grade Kingman cab and the other with a high grade Lander Blue equivalent cab (both furnished by me), I had to go to Bangkok, Thailand, to get them made to my size and specifications, utilizing various Native American symbols none-the-less. With all costs and duties, both were less than $900 each, made of heavy weight 22 karat gold in the 23 plus gram weight range.

I would have shopped here, but I couldn't....those contacted never replied. Business must be good.

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