Friday, January 25, 2008

Dee Edaakie returns. More Zuni fetishes.

Tribal Artery is a periodic blog about tribal art from William Ernest Waites, tribal art collector and trader.
The phone rang. We didn't get to it in time.

So we placed a return call to the number.

It was Dee Edaakie, one of our favorite Zuni carvers.

Actually, he had hit the wrong number on his speed dial. When he realized he wasn't dialing his uncle, he had hung up.

We figured it was karma, since we had it on our "to do" list to call Dee about new carvings.

So we ordered and he mailed.

Now there are a handful of beautiful new Dee Edaakie carvings on our ZuniLink website.

Here are some examples:Lapis Lazuli bear by Dee Edaakie

Lapis Lazuli parrot by Dee Edaakie

Hematite bear by Dee Edaakie

Ivorystone bear by Dee Edaakie

Zebra rock bear by Dee Edaakie

Visit the web site at to see more and get more information about these and other exciting Dee Edaakie Zuni fetish carvings.

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