Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How much does an auction cost you?

by William Waites, co-proprietor of Aboriginals: Art of the First Person gallery

If you think auctions don't cost buyers anything more than their bids, find out by checking out the next Inuit art auction announced by Waddington's.

It's an online auction on Monday, February 18, 2008 through Thursday, February 21,2008. Online viewing runs February 11 through February 15 at www.waddington'

Actually, we like auctions and we like Waddington's, especially for their support of Inuit art. And we have no problem with them making money in return for the labors.

Nevertheless, if you have never entered into the deep water of an online auction, be careful.

Most auctions include a "buyer's premium". We don't know how much the Waddington's auction's will be.

Be sure to check before bidding. Otherwise, your winning high bid could end up costing you significantly more than you bargained for.

For more information about the impending auction visit Waddington's web site.

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