Thursday, January 10, 2008

African Tribal Art goes on sale. Save 30%

As 2008 begins, Susanne and William Waites have added some new African Tribal Art objects and, at the same time, initiated a 30%-off sale for every African Tribal Art object on the TribalWorks (African Room) website.

Among the new objects added from the Waites' personal collection is this Toma mask with raffia trim around the upper face.

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Also added were this Baga Nimba mask
and this Lega cap of wicker covered with shell and pangolin scales. (Pangolin is a scaley African ant-eater.)
To repeat - every object of African Tribal Art offered on the TribalWorks website is being offered, for a limited time, at 30% discount from the regular price. We welcome your visit.

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