Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zuni fetish carvers the Waites bought from this week

We have been poor bloggers over the last few days because of a high level of other activity and the difficulty in getting good internet connections. (Our guest house still doesn't have it reinstalled - a real bummer.)

But here is an update on our activities at Zuni Pueblo last Thursday and Friday.

We were able to meet with all of the carvers pictured below.
We thought you might enjoy seeing photos of the carvers whose work you are buying.

Andres Quandelacy

Calvin Weeka

Carl Etsate

Collin Weeka

Daphne Quam

Efran Chavez

Ernie Mackel

Eugine Quandelacy

Fernando Laiwakete

In the interest of keeping each blog post to a reasonable length, I will close this album now and post a follow-up album with more pictures of the carvers we engaged this week.

Shortly, carvings from these artists and others will be posted to ZuniLink, your link to the latest and best in Zuyni and other fetish carvings. Check back.