Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best of Show Announcement and the bead work that won

You already know that Dallin Maybee, Seneca/Arapaho, won Best of Show in the 86th annual SWIAI Santa Fe Indian Market art awards.

But have you seen the announcement? Click on this video to see it.

Have you had a close look at the work itself. Click on this video to see a pan across the beautiful bead work that won.

These video "snapshots"
from Santa Fe Indian Market 2007 are presented by William Ernest Waites, co-owner with Susanne Waites of Aboriginals: Art of the First Person and the galleries associated web sites at ZuniLink, for outstanding Native American "fetish" carvings, Native-JewelryLink, for beautiful Native American Indian jewelry, Native-PotteryLink, for the finest in hand-made Native American and Pueblo Indian pottery, and TribalWorks, for Navajo folk art, arctic art, and Australian Aboriginal art and African Tribal Art.