Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial Top Arts Winners

The top winners of the 2007 Gallup (NM) Inter-Tribal Ceremonial Arts and Crafts Awards were announced this week.

Best of Show was awarded to Grace Nez for a large, any technique or style, over 45 square feet.

Best of Class Awards were given by the judges to the following entries –

Ron Bedonie for Metalsmithing/ Fabricated from sheet and wire/ Woman’s Belt.

Ernest Benally for Lapidary Arts/ Mosaic Inlay/ Matched set, ladies.
Edith Tsabetsaye for Lapidary Arts/ Needlepoint/ Ring.
Rosanne Ghate for Tribal Arts/ Dolls and Utilitarian Items/ Dolls, beaded or quill.
John King for Paintings/ Traditional Native American.
R.H. Goodluck for Sculpture/ Stone Sculpture/ Stone, over 24”, largest dimension. This entry also received a Special Award.
Damian Toya for Pottery/ Traditional Pueblo Carved Pottery/ Wedding vases, canteens, vases and traditional shapes not listed, any size.
Linda Hendrix for Baskets/ Coiled Technique/Tohono O’odham, 3” to 15”.

Best of Category awards were granted as follows:

Lorraine Begay Manavi for Textiles/Tapestry/80 Threads or more per vertical inch - Hand-spun, Native Wool, Natural Colors.
Elizabeth Begay for Textiles/ Tapestry/80 Threads or more per vertical inch - Natural-Like Colors.
Ella Rose Perry for Textiles/Tapestry/Less then 15 square inches - Hand-spun, Native Wool, Natural Dyes.
Ellen Begay for Textiles/Synthetic Dyes/Red Rug, 15 to 45 square feet.
Helena Nez for Textiles/Pictorial/Sandpainting Rug, 15 to 45 square feet, also received a Special Award.
Judy Marianito for Textiles/Innovations/Woven goods, Wool or cotton, Kilts, Dressss and Skirts.
Lula Brown for Textiles/Minature Weavings – Any set of miniature weavings individually smaller than 12” x 12”.
Jonathon C. Cordero
for Kachinas & Carved Wooden Figures/Kachina dolls carved of cottonwood/ Figures over 12” in height/ Pueblo carvers only.

Marlin Pinto for Kachinas & Carved Wooden Figures/ Non-Kachina figures carved of cottonwood/ Figure over 8”, but less than 12” high/Pueblo carvers only.
Alfred Lomahquahu for Kachinas & Carved Wooden Figures/ Concept of cottonwood/Pueblo carvers only.
Lawrence Jaquez for Kachinas & Carved Wooden Figures/ Non-Pueblo figures/Non-Pueblo carvers only/ Non-Pueblo figures/ Figure over 8”, but less than 12” high.
Harrison Jim for Metal Smithing/ Tufa, Sand or Lost Wax Casting/ Squash Blossom, also received a Special award.
Clarence Lee for Metalsmithing/ Overlay and Applique/ Belt.

D. Cadman for Metalsmithing/ Flatware, Hollowware, Boxes/ Boxes with lid.
Benson Manygoats for Lapidary Arts/ Channel Inlay/ Necklace or choker.
Glenda Eriacho for Lapidary Arts/ Cluster/ Matched set, ladies.
Jeff Tsalabutie for Lapidary Arts/ Lapidary Arts Not Mounted/ Fetish carving, less than 3”, largest dimension.
Pearl Sewemaenewa for Baskets/ Wicker Techniques/ Hopi, 3” to 15” .
Alberta Selina for Baskets/ Miniature Baskets/ Any item.
Virginia Ballenger
for Tribal Arts/ Wearing Apparel and Accessories/ Dresses, cloth, not beaded.
Duane Dishta for Tribal Arts/ Ceremonial Items/ Drums, pueblo or plains.
Randy Keedah, Sr. for Paintings/ Representational, all media/ Landscape.
Peterson Yazzie for Paintings/ Contemporary Style, all media/ Landscape.
James King for Paintings & Sculpture/ Miniatures, any media/ Animal subjects.
Joe Ben for Paintings & Sculpture/ Sandpaintings/ Non-ceremonial subject matter.
Charles Pratt for Sculpture& Pottery/ Metal Sculpture/ Cast metal, 18” to 36” .
Troy Sice for Sculpture & Pottery/ Clay, Wood, Bone & Miscellaneous Sculpture Realistic or Impressiionistic .
Joseph & Barbara Cerno for Pottery/ Traditional Pueblo Pottery, Painted/ Jars, Acoma, Laguna or Zuni, matte or polished surface, over 8”, largest dimension, also received a Special Award.
Delores Curran for Pottery/ Non-Traditional Pottery/ Jars, over 2” largest.
Thomas Natseway for Pottery/ Miniature Pottery Less than 2"/ Non-traditional forms.
Susie Crank for Pottery/ Navajo Traditional Pottery/ Jars, over 2” but less than 8” largest dimension.
Ralph Claw for Pottery/ Navajo Pottery, Non-Traditional/ Jars, over 2” but less than 8” largest dimension.

Some 650 ribbons were awarded to these and other 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, making it impractical to post all the winners in this message. Nevertheless, each ribbon winner is saluted for their accomplishment.

This report has been posted, based on information provided by the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial organization, by William Ernest Waites, writer, tribal art collector and co-owner with his wife, Susanne Waites, of the online galleries of aboriginals: Art of the First Person, including ZuniLink, Native-JewelryLink, Native-PotteryLink and TribalWorks