Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Zuni carver pictures from Waites at ZuniLink

It occurs to me as I post this that the blog software will put this in reverse order from the blog that preceded it. This accounts for why "more"comes before the "original" list.

Not to worry. The point is to show you photos of most of the carvers we bought from this
Floyd Tekala

Jeff Tsalabutie
(More news about Jeff to follow)

Jeremy Peina

Kevin Soseeah

Leland Boone

Michael Mahooty

Pernell Laate

Tyrone Poncho

We also purchased carvings from a number of other artists whose photos we already have and are shown on the ZuniLink web site or who were not available for a photo at the time. Included are pieces by Lena Boone, Lynn Quam, Jayne Quam, Dee Edaakie, Emery Eriacho, Todd Westika, and Navajo Sammy Smith.

We were unable to buy from Gibbs Othole. He is the Zuni Rain Priest and between his pueblo duties and carving for Indian Market, he was not available. Bryan hattie, Jeff Tsalabutie's brother, also was not available as he was off fighting wild fires.

We will have more to report about Zuni and our new carvings at ZuniLink. Please make a point to drop by the Web site.