Friday, December 18, 2009

Indians Dance at Native American Art Show in Cape Coral, FL

About a week ago, with our continuing interest in Native American art, as evidenced at our web sites (ZuniLink, Native American jewelry, Native American pottery and TribalWorks), we spent an afternoon at a Native American art show in Cape Coral, Florida. We were attracted to some degree by the incongruity of Native American art in this venue. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying experience.

We encountered a Native American artist, Susie Longhair, Cocopah, that we had not met before. We were struck by the ingenuity and attractiveness of her jewelry creations. We posted about it a few days back and included some photos of items we acquired.

This posting, however, is about dancing that was demonstrated by Native American Indians present at the show. The dance presentation included some instructive narrative about the dances, some of which we were able to capture on video. But, given the limited recording time available on the video camera, we chose to concentrate on the dances. So here they are:

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Eric Taubert said...

We had a great time at the recent Native American Indian Festival in Cape Coral, too!

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