Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two More Days of Free Shipping

Since we understand from the USPS that they still can deliver priority packages by Christmas if they are mailed no later than December 17, we have extended our free shipping offer until the close of Post Office business on 12/17.

This offer extends to any jewelry or fetish carving shipped by USPS Priority to any point in the US. We may be able to apply it to other items from our other web sites at TribalWorks and Native-PotteryLink too. Ask us.

Finally, if you are absolutely desperate and still have not ordered by December 22, all is not lost. FedEx is available for over night delivery. It is not free and it is a little on the expensive side. But it will get there in time.

We just sent an item via FedEx to a member of the military who is about to deploy, so overnight delivery was an absolute must. We were happy to pitch in and share the cost of the shipping as a our small way of saying "thank you" to the defenders of our freedom.

May your holidays be shiny and bright, like the Native American jewelry we offer, and your New Year be filled with healing, like the Zuni fetishes we sell.

Susanne and William

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