Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Pleasure to meet a NEW Native American artist.

One of the great treats of this vocation/avocation is the opportunity to meet new artists. It is especially rewarding when you do so in unexpected places.

We decided to go the the Native American art show in Cape Coral, FL. It is the next town over from us and we were curious about what kind of a crowd and exhibitors it would attract.

The crowd was small, but enthusiastic on a beautiful, cool Florida day. There were Indian dancers. I shot a video of some of the action. It will be posted here shortly.

First, however, I want to introduce you to the work of an artist we met for the first time at this event.

Her name is Suzie Longhair. She is a Cocopah Indian, which describes as a tribe related to the Maricopa. Her ancestral home is in Arizona.

We were struck by her work in a genre we had not seen before. She gathers shells and beads and other found items into works of Native American jewelry art.

They are hand-sewn to pieces of fabric with pin mechanisms and hooks so that the may be worn as pins or attached to chain or string as pendant.

Here are four that we picked up to offer to you.This one is a slice of brown-tinged ammonite surrounded by beads
in complimentary purples. It has both a pin and a pendant loop
attached to the fabric back. The size is 2" x 2 1/2".
It will be $135 when it gets posted to
our web site.
If you purchase it here, it's yours for $115.

This one is a bit eclectic, combining as it does a replica of an
African mask with complimentary shells and beads.
The size is 2 3/4" x 2 3/4". It will be $165
when it gets to
our web site. Right now it is $150.

This one is predominantly golden in hue. (Sorry about the photo;
I can sendbetter if you request it.) It is 3 1/4" x 2 3/4"
and is done in the form of a butterfly.Once it gets
to the web site it will be $155. Buy it now for $140.

Perhaps the most striking is the ultra-elegant dragonfly done
in all black beads and bits. The dragonfly is highly revered
in native culture as a harbinger of rain. This pin/pendant
will be $125. An early bird will get the dragonfly for $110.

Bonus time: Each of these unique creations comes with complimentary-colored fabric pouch to keep it safe in a jewelry drawer. No extra charge.

If you are interested, don't delay. These are the only ones we have of these. And we can still get one to you by Christmas if you act now.

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