Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gold! in Native American tribal art jewelry!!

I last wrote about Native American jewelry in gold back when that precious metal was less than $800 an ounce. Even then, I pointed out that this was a good time to buy gold jewelry from us because our prices had not increased at the pace of the replacement cost of gold.

I also recall talking with Artie Yellowhorse, a fabulous Navajo jewelrymaker who used to do a lot of work in gold (right). It was about three years ago. At that time, she said she was not doing anything more in gold. It had become too expensive for her.

We have not acquired anything made with gold - granted it is 14k, not pure (24k) - in several years. So all the gold and gold overlay pieces we offer had their prices set according to what we paid when gold was less than $800 per ounce.

An example is this exquisite 14k gold pendant (left) in the shape of a whale fluke, with inlay of opal. It includes a 14k gold chain.

Today gold is hovering just below $1,200 per ounce. All those television commercials selling gold bullion suggest it is going higher. But our prices are still where they were three years ago, when gold was much less expensive.

So we repeat our observation that this is a bargain time to buy gold and gold overlay jewelry from Native-JewelryLink. Just click on the link to go to our primary case for Native American gold jewelry.

By the way, we are offering free USPS Priority shipping for Christmas, with guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery, on any Native American jewelry order placed by December 15.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Crazyhorse said...

Wow! Very expensive!

William & Susanne Waites said...

@Crazyhorse Yes. That is pretty much the point. Even when gold was $600 to $800 an ounce it was ten times dearer than silver. It was rarely used as result. And relatively expensive.

It has now become soooo expensive as a raw material that hardly any Native American artists use it. Yet, in our case, we are still charging what we were charging when gold was less expensive. We consider that a "deal" since all signs are that the value of gold will continue to grow.