Thursday, July 20, 2006

Winners and losers at IACA Spring Market

The Indian Arts and Crafts Association held its annual Spring Market in Albuquerque in May, 2006, during which it named and honored its nominees for outstanding artists of the year. These winners are listed below.

First, let us recognize that there were losers. They were all of us in the Indian Arts and Crafts movement. We lost long time supporters of the cause in the passing of Betty Numerof, Ruth Scott Kiernan and Dr. Rita Yokoi.

Ruth Kiernan died on March 1, 2006. She was the proprietor of one of the industry’s most respected Indian art trading companies, and was regularly represented at the IACA wholesale shows. Betty Numerof died on April 17, 2006 at the age of 80 and after several successful terms as president of the IACA. Dr. Rita Yokoi, who died on May 24, 2006, was the owner of Silver Hills, a wholesale dealer in Native American jewelry with a specialty in work from the Santo Domingo Pueblo. She also founded the Museum of Native American Jewelry in California. All three of these monumental women represent a huge loss to those who knew them, those who loved them and those who did business with them. We all are lessened by the loss.

Now to the winners, The following artists were recognized by the judges at the IACA Show:

Easel Art – Frank Fowler (First), Frank Fowler (Second), Daniel Ramirez (Third);
Jewelry/Lapidary – Bennard Dallasvuyaoma (First), Michael Kirk (Second), Veronica Poblano (Third)
Jewelry/Metalsmithing – Amelia Joe-Chandler (First), Al Joe (Second), Al Joe (Third);
Katsinas – Alexander Youvella Sr. (First), Alexander Youvella Sr. (Second), Prinston Collateta (Third);
Pottery – Randall Blaze (First)
Sculpture/Large – Upton Ethelbah (First), Ron Mitchell (Second);
Sculpture/Small – Randall Blaze (First), Upton Ethelbah (Second), George Shukata Willis (Third)
Traditional – Rosie Yellowhair (First), Tammy Beauvais (Second), Venus Brightstar (Third).

Best of Show was awarded to Alexander Youvella Sr.
Artist of the Year – Amelia Joe-Chandler.

Congratulations to them all. I’m sure we will see all or most of them at Indian Market next month.


David Johnson said...

Venus Brightstar is a tribal member of the Ma-Chis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama and she does a fine job on all her work.

Tribal Judge
David Johnson

Chief JAmes Wright said...

As Chief of the MaChis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama, I am proud of all the tribal members. I am espcecially proud of Venus Brightstar, for her accomphlisment in her art work. She is truly a Master artician. She represent the MaChis People with pride and dignity.
Chief James Wright