Sunday, July 16, 2006

Corrections and new stuff

In a recent post that listed upcoming events, I omitted the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts Show, which was this weekend. Arghhhh!

It was, I am told, a very good show. It tends to be overshadowed by Indian Market, less than a month away, in Santa Fe. Yet, I have been to Eight Northern in past years and found it a very satisfying show. It’s lower keyed and has many of the younger artists that have not developed the credentials to show at Indian Market.

For example, Loren Wallowingbull, a Jemez potter, was well represented with examples of her Eagle Dancer pottery figures. She ended up winning the Best in Youth Award at the show. We purchased one of her pieces from her about a month ago in Albuquerque. If I can figure out how to show it in this blog, I will do so. Otherwise, I will provide a link to its page on our web site.

Also as part of our mea culpa, I have to report that some of the links we provided in the calendar either were listed incorrectly or were inactive. We will try amend that bad info here. The schedule for events at Indian market can be accessed at . To volunteer as an Indian Market worker, go to

I also failed to vet the web address I was given for White Hawks Shows. It is broken. I apologize.

Finally, looking back in the archives of this blog, a found a number of comments that were unsavory. I had left the comment option open so people could freely add their thoughts. Two things happened. First, most of the comments were nothing more than people finding a way to promote their web sites. I really didn’t have a problem with that. But then some of the sites bordered on pornographic. So I have changed the guidelines for comments. They will have to be reviewed and approved by me before being posted on the blog. I am sorry for those who have to go through an extra step to put their two-cents worth in and for those who might have been exposed to the offensive content before I closed it down.

Follow this blog for more news about the world of tribal art. Thank you for your attention.

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