Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Dee Edaakie Carvings

We are working fast and furiously, well, not "furiously", more like joyously, to post up new fetish carvings that we acquired this summer for our ZuniLink web site.

The latest batch is from Dee Edaakie.

Here are three examples:

Buffalo in boulder opal

Standing bear in Chiapas amber

Bear in picture rock

Since we are running late, we are marking down all of Dee's work, even his older pieces, by 25% just through Friday, November 26.

If you see one (or more) that you want to buy at this special discounted price, use the order code "DeeLights" when you order. The discount will be applied to your purchase.

To see more of Dee's work, go to ZuniLink and look through Dee's pages.

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