Sunday, November 21, 2010

Melvin Sandoval fills our inventory of fetish carvings

Melvin Sandoval is a remarkably talented carver, with a sense of contemporary style that is unusual, even among his cohort of excellently talented artists.
His pieces are fluid, soft, supple and sophisticated in style. He has carved bears, lizards, badgers, double animals, wolves, foxes, ravens and eagles, in dolomite and other stones.
We fell in love with his carving the first time we encountered it. We have since become good friends with him, his family and his wife, Erma, who is Zuni. This summer, he graciously invited us to join a baptism celebration in his sister's home. It was an extremely memorable experience. We met his entire, I mean "entire", family, and the food just kept coming from the kitchen.
Thank you, Melvin, We were honored to be your guests and honored to be your friend.

To see Melvin's work, go to

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