Monday, February 01, 2010

January 31, 2010 -- Aboriginals: Art of the First Person, doing business on the Web at is offering all its Australian Aboriginal art at 30% off through February 28, 2010.

The selection includes major dot paintings by renowned artists such as Gabriella Possum, Pansy Napangati, Eunice Napangardi and Janet Forrester; bark paintings by Djawida, Mardday, Maymuru and others; various Tiwi and Yirrkala carvings and various prints. All will be sold at 30% off the listed price.

To take advantage of the sale, buyers should visit the web site at , use the secure, encrypted order form to place their order and enter the code “Insider” in the item description area. Reductions of 30% will be taken from the listed price upon completion of the sale.

All items are authentic, guaranteed and returnable within 30 days if they do not satisfy the purchaser’s expectation. These are works of fine art and folk art that the owners of Aboriginals Gallery have cherry-picked over the last 30 years. They were previously on display in the Sanibel Island gallery shop, which has been closed.

Shipping charges will be negotiated prior to sale based on the destination and mode of transport desired by the buyer.

William Ernest Waites, owner of Aboriginals Gallery, stated, “We regret having to dispose of these beautiful items, which we have painstakingly collected during trips to Australia. This is a great opportunity for Australian buyers, however, as the Australian dollar has strengthened to the point it is almost at parity with the US dollar.”

Susanne Waites, co-owner, added, “All of these works carry with them strong and happy memories for us. We hope we can find good homes for them.” trades exclusively on the web or in Fort Myers, FL by appointment only. Call 1-800-305-0185 with questions.

Aboriginals: Art of the First Person also operates websites at, and


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