Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We speak Tribal Art in many languages

If you are reading this blog as is, you may find the following news unimportant.

On the other hand, if you know people who speak languages other than English, and who are interested in tribal art, you can tell them that Aboriginals' websites now have Google translation capability.

Our Zuni fetish carving site at ZuniLink.com , our Native-JewelryLink.com site featuring Native American jewelry, our website featuring Native American pottery, Native-PotteryLink.com, and our TribalWorks.com site, with African, Australian, Arctic and Navajo folk art items, no all have a Google gadget that allows the text of the entire site to be translated to several non-English languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian and more, even Arabic.

Simply go to the home page, find the Google translation box and enter the language you would like to translate to. The page you are on will be translated to that language as will every other page on the site.

A warning, however - This is machine translation so that it doesn't deal with colloquial expression well. When your cursor passes over a translated phrase, a window will open offering the original English wording and will ask if there is a more accurate translation possible. Your response will go to Google, where it will add to their knowledge of languages.

Please give us a comment to let us know if you like this capability. Thank you.


Spiralz said...

thats a pretty nifty tool!

Jim said...

I am really happy to know about the tribal arts. I will try to get more infos from your blog and google too.

sherry said...

Great. I like the Native-Jewelry !!