Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Pilgrimage to Zuni

Natasha Shealy has a nicely written report in about a trip she made to Zuni to see Santo Nino de Zuni.

We enjoyed reading it and thought you might also.

"Two hundred twenty miles northeast of Sedona along I-40 toward Albuquerque, on the western edge of New Mexico, lies the ancient and mystical town of Zuni."John, Olivia, and I set out in my diesel rig early one morning on our pilgrimage to Zuni from Cottonwood, Arizona. Our goal: to pay our respects to the statue of the patron saint, Santo Nino de Zuni."

Here's the link to the entire article.

We are always happy to bring you stories and reports that we come across that may enrich your knowledge and understanding of tribal culture. For more information about Zuni, visit our web site at ZuniLink.

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gloria said...

Interesting blog, I guess i would not have learned of Zuni tribe if i had not come across ur blog.
Thanks for sharing