Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tribal Artery has joined AVCOSA

We have joined the Antique Vintage Collectibles Online Sellers Association. We believe in supporting others in our field.


Caroline said...

Hi, my sister and I just tried to reach you on your email address ( from the site to ask a question about shipping. The email keeps bouncing however, so I was wondering if there is any other address where we can send an email.

Calling is sadly out of the order as we live in Belgium.

William & Susanne Waites said...


We have responded to your attempt. Unfortunately, the email address you used was incorrect. You have know used the correct one.

Thanks for sticking with it.

Eldon Mast said...

William and Susanne,

Contrats on joining AVCOSA...

Hope other fellow bloggers will come visit and comment as well.


Brad Christopher said...

Hello there William & Susan,

My parents (we just lost my Mom in Feb. of 2008 and I'm still used to saying "My parents.. :( ) have a winter home in Northport, FLA. on one of the canals, which is very close to your store on Hwy 41. Most of us "Snowbirds" in this area have homes in that area of Florida, the west coast is beautiful. I will be sure to stop in and say hello the next time I can get away from the cold winter in NY for some Florida vacation time and "fun in the sun". My Dad has just gone down there for the first time since we lost my Mom, with my sister. We wanted to get him away from the cold up here. I will add you blog to my Travel blog ( may also be of interest to your readers who love to view vacation and travel destinations before they book them. All the best.

Brad Christopher