Thursday, January 08, 2009

Antiques Roadshow announces 2009 schedule

Lot's of tribal art collectors are big fans of the Antiques Roadshow, which appears on PBS. The show frequently includes tribal art collectibles presented by people who attend the shows.

So, the announcement of where and when Antiques Roadshow will show up in 2009 should be of special interest to our readers.

June 6, 2009 - Atlantic City, New Jersey
June 27, 2009 - Raleigh, North Carolina
July 11, 2009 - Madison, Wisconsin
July 25, 2009 - Denver, Colorado
August 1, 2009 - Phoenix, Arizona
August 15, 2009 - San Jose, California

If you have an object of tribal art, or any antique or collectible, that you think may have some special value, you may want to make note of these dates.

Admission to Antiques Roadshow is free but tickets are required and they must be obtained in advance. More information about Antiques Roadshow and how to get tickets can be obtained at or by phone at 1-888-762-3749. Tickets are distributed at random from all entries.

Evaluation of items, up to two per ticket holder, are rendered verbally by representatives of leading auction houses and other independent appraisers and dealers. Shows videotaped on the above dates will be aired on PBS in 2010.

This news is brought to you by Aboriginals: Art of the First Person with a hat tip to Antiques News. Aboriginals has web sites at TribalWorks, Native-PotteryLink, Native-JewelryLink and ZuniLink.


gloria said...

interesting site. I use to know some thing about the Aborigin rights. Do this still exist

Kathleen said...

This is such an amazing resource! We have some Navaho auiya/oiya(I really don't know the correct spelling) baskets that have been in my family for over a century now we finally know where to take them!
Thank you for this information.

William & Susanne Waites said...

Gloria: Yes the Aborigines have been very aggressive about renewing and retaining their land rights. There now is a scheme to assure the Aboriginal artists of extra payments when their art is resold in Australia. Frankly, I think this could have some unfortunate unintended consequences for the artists. But let's watch and see

Anonymous said...
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