Friday, July 25, 2008

A Trillion Websites

Have you ever wondered why you can't find the web site you are looking for? It concerns us, especially if you are looking for us.

It turns out that, according to Google, there are now one trillion web sites. 1,000,000,000,000.

Not web pages. There are many more of those since many web sites have several pages within them. In fact, Google says the number of pages grows by several billion everyday.

So, just imagine. You enter a search term, say "Native American Jewelry".

Google has to search through its index of a trillion (and growing) web sites to find a few million that will be appropriate to your search term.

What do think the odds are that they will return web sites you are looking for, including ours?

All hope is not lost.

You can improve the chances of finding the site and information you seek if you enter a more extensive search term. This allows Google to discard sites that might answer your broader request but are not what you are looking for.

If you change your search term to "Native American Indian jewelery" you will get closer. If you add "turquoise", the search will get you closer still. Add the word "pendant" or "bracelet" or "necklace" and you will get closer still.

There are a couple more strategies. Enter the actual web site URL (name) you are looking for, in our case, "Native-JewelryLink", and Google will bring up our site in first or second position on the first page.

Alternatively, you can just enter our address, , in your browser window and you will go directly to our site.

One more thing: You also can help us be more visible to others who may be looking for us or what we offer. If you have a personal web site, you can put a link on it to our web site. Similarly, if you publish a personal blog, you can enter a link to our site in it.
(You could also include some nice words about us, if you are so inclined. - Smile)

Since Google considers every link to a web site as a vote of confidence in the contents of that site, your link will help Google find us and will suggest to them that we should show up higher in the result when someone searches for Native American Indian jewelry.

We will deeply appreciate any such links. Just let us know that you are doing it.

Thank you.
Susanne and William Ernest Waites, Aboriginals Gallery

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