Saturday, July 26, 2008

DidgeriSnooze - Sleep Apnea and the Didj

As a past sufferer of sleep apnea (actually, still a sufferer but with less suffering), I was intrigued by You Tube video from a British medical team that maintains that playing the didgeridoo is an effective way to reduce sleep apnea and snoring. My interest was heightened by the knowledge of relatives who also have sleep apnea. I ultimately had surgery, which helped considerably but...

Anyway, I ran across this cool video on You Tube that discusses how learning to play the didgeridoo can ease or eliminate snoring and sleep apnea episodes. I've embedded it here so you can see it without leaving the blog.

If there is someone in your family or circle who could benefit from didgeridoo therapy, why not suggest a didg? It's not that hard to learn to play - unless you want to become a virtuoso. My 14-year-old grandson learned, self-taught, in about a week while we were traveling in Australia.

If you want to buy one, we can recommend an excellent source. Just send us a message at or visit our
TribalWorks web site and use the secure order form to send us an inquiry. (Just ask. You don't have to order.)

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