Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Virginia Dooley, 1943-2008: Taos figure was aide to tribal artist, R. C. Gorman

Dooley, R.C. Gorman worked together for three decades

Taos artist R.C. Gorman had two strong women in his artistic life: Virginia Dooley and Rose Roybal.

Dooley died Friday in Taos, New Mexico, a town that Gorman worked in (and from) for most of his career.

The three were a formidable art force in Taos, and in all of Native American Indian art, while operating Gorman's Navajo Gallery. Roybal died in 2002. She was Gorman's official housekeeper and cook, while Dooley was his protector, publicist, and promoter. It was said that no one could get close to Gorman without first being cleared by Dooley.

Gorman died in December 2005.


As long-time admirer's of the work of R. C. Gorman, we mourn the tribal art world's loss of a significant art and creative force with the passing of Virginia Dooley.

William & Susanne Waites, Aboriginals: Art of the First Person

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