Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Troy Sice's antler nativity set has arrived

Several weeks ago, we had in our inventory a beautiful antler nativity set carved by Zuni, Troy Sice. People loved it. We included it an ad we ran in Native Peoples magazine. It sold in record time and we received numerous inquiries about it.

We advised those who were interested that we would try to get one or more additional sets.

We got lucky. This week two additional sets came in.

One went out immediately to a customer who told, when you get it, charge it.

It's already on its way to its new owner .

The second set is still available. But. We had two additional parties who were interested "back then".

We are waiting to hear from the first. If we don't hear back, we will contact the second one. If he declines, the set will be here to go to the first party that lets us know he or she wants to purchase it.

The price will be $1,700.

In our opinion, you will not find one anywhere else.

Thank you

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