Saturday, May 26, 2007

Santa Fe Museum bulletin, by Waites

Here's a list of Museum of Indian Arts and Culture doings in Santa Fe that you might find helpful.

May 26, 2007 (today): It's not too late if you live inthe SAnta Fe area (or traveling there this weekend) to take advantage of the MIAC Native Treasures-Indian Arts Festival. 120 excellent Native American artists will be offering their creations for sale. Call 505-476-1250 for more information. Or visit

May 27, 2007: Native Treasures-Indian Arts Festival continues.

July 27, 2007: The Joy of Cooking Pueblo Feast Food will feature the cooking and enthusasm of Serina Hena, one of Tesuque Pueblos best traditional cooks. She will show and discuss how to make five feast day dishes, from horno bread to stew. For information, 505-476-1250. Ask for Penny.

September 14, 2007: Archaic Pictographs and Structures near Las Vegas, NM. will visit spectacular, virtually unknown Late Archaic sites on a large private ranch near Las Vegas. According to the MIAC, this land has sites that are from the 500 BC to 500AD period and are not accessible to the public.

This bulletin is brought to you by William Ernest Waites of Tribal Artery on a when-the-spirit-moves-him schedule. Waites also is the co-owner of websites at Native-JewelryLink , Native-PotteryLink , TribalWorks and ZuniLink.

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