Friday, August 18, 2006


Dateline: August 18, 2006 - Today, the Southwest Association for Indian Arts, Inc. announced the Best of Show, Best of Classification and other awards for the 85th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market 2006.

Best of show was awarded to Sarah Paul Begay, Navajo, for an extraordinarily large (12'8" x 9'9") and well woven Navajo rug
(below), which also won Best of Classification VI - Textiles & Basketry.
Best of Classification Awards went to Edison Cummings, Navajo, for Classification I - Jewelry (below),
to Russell Sanchez, San Ildefonso, for Classification II - Pottery (below),
to Alex Jacobs, Akwesasne Mohawk, for Classification III - Paintings, Drawings, Graphics & Photography (below),to Aaron Fredericks, Hopi, for Classification IV - Wooden Pueblo Figurative Carvings & Sculpture (below),
to Marvin Oliver, Quinah, for Classification V - Sculpture (below),to Rhonda Holy Bear, Cheyenne River Sioux, for Classification VII - Diverse Art Forms (below),

to Jamie Okuma, Luiseno/Shoshone-Bannock for Classification VIII - Bead Work & Quill Work (below),

to Jessica Growing Thunder, Assiniboine Sioux, for Classification IX - Youth (17 years & under),
Sarah Paul Begay provided a wonderful description of her rug and how it was created. We will paraphrase her comments, and show some additional First Prize and other awards in a latter blog message. Come back soon.