Friday, August 11, 2006

Day One in Santa Fe

We are here. We arrived today and went to our rented guest house. It is several times nicer than the photographs the owner sent to us.

Taos, the greyhound, did okay with patches of distress that passed with time and arrival at our destination. She is now settled in on her bed from home and seems to be content. Surprise was that there are three dogs already in residence here. They greeted Taos and vice versa with great ceremony and total friendship. In fact, Taos seems to have a male friend. Every once in while we hear a scratching at the door and - yep - there he is. It is sure to be platonic since track greyhounds are neutered early on.

Two apologies. First is that we searched last night for a place to stay with wireless internet service. We passed up several suitable places to stop at this one. I won't mention names but after signing on and connecting with their network, we couldn't connect with their server. Turns out it was down and the management failed to tell us until we were checked in and settled in and it was too late to move elsewhere. So that's why there was no blog last night.

Second apology. I took a digital photo of our guest house to share with you. Oooops. I didn't pack the cable to download camera images to the laptop. Tomorrow's #1 task? Get thee to an electronics store and buy download cable. Stay tuned.

Good news. Our press pass has been granted. So we will have some extra opportunities to report on the doings at Indian Market.
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