Thursday, July 21, 2005

What is the Turquoise Fortune Cookie?

Visitors to our Web site at have encountered a turquoise fortune cookie on the home page. If a visitor clicks on it, a link takes them to a special page where a special 40% discount is offered on one of our fetish carvings. (Here’s a clue: this week’s special is on a Jeff Tsalabutie carving.)

Why do we have a turquoise fortune cookie? Why not? We think Web sites should be fun. The turquoise fortune cookie is one way of delivering some fun to our visitors and customers.

We do similar things on our other Web sites, where we present individual pieces at deep discounts. Everyone loves a bargain and having these surprise specials makes visiting our Web sites just a little bit more interesting.

Check in for yourself. We change them whenever the spirit moves us.

Feel free to give us some feedback. Do you think this is a good idea? What would you do differently.

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By the way, we have just posted some new fish and sealife carvings to our ZuniLink site. This could be your chance to catch the one that got away.

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