Saturday, July 30, 2005

Caution: Full Frontal Nudity

The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper has become one our favorite sources for information about art, and tribal art in particular. This notice is not about tribal art, but it could be.

Seems the Leopold Museum in Vienna, Austria, has promoted its new show, "The Naked Truth," an exhibition of erotic art from the early 1900s, by offering free entry to anyone who showed up in a swim suit - or sans any clothes at all.

Part of the appeal (no pun intended, well, maybe a small one) is the sweltering heat wave that has baked much of Europe in the mid-90's Fahrenheit.

180 works are on display at the museum through August 22, including Klimt's "Nude Veritas" and Schiele's "Two Femaile Friends".

The New Mexican quoted Peter Weinhaeupl, the Leopold Museum's commercial director as saying, "We wanted to give people a chance to cool off, and bring nakedness into the open. It's a bit of an experiment. Egon Schiele was a young and wild person in his day. He'd want to be here."

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