Friday, November 07, 2014

Aboriginals:Art of the First Person Salutes Native American Heritage month

Recognizing the remarkable contributions that Native American artist have made to the entire country's cultural and aesthetic experience, We are happy and proud to celebrate November as

Native American Heritage Month.Native American Heritage Month - About

From the bead work and basketry of the East Coast Tribes to the jewelry and carvings of the Southwest to the masks and rattles of the Pacific Northwest, indigenous Native Americans have enriched our understanding nature, reinforced our faith and provided visual delights that put us more in touch with our inner beings.

In particular, we constantly marvel at the mastery displayed by Zuni fetish carvers, the splendor of Native jewelry, the intricacy of handwoven Indian baskets and the beauty of Pueblo pottery, all of which are now available to collectors online.

We pray that these excellent traditions continue as they are passed to younger generations.

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